Mend A Bath International Port Elizabeth is a market leader in refinishing and resurfacing of sanitaryware. We have refinished baths, washbasins, tiles and shower bases for over 40 years.

Our products are uniquely formulated and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards and are subject to ongoing research and development. Our superior coating is available in standard colours and adheres to anything from cast iron to pressed steel, marble, ceramics and even acrylics. Mend A Bath International Port Elizabeth is a household name in cost-effective bathroom renovations.



We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.


Customer Commitment

We continually strive to exceed the increasing expectations of all our customers.


Health & Safety Practices

We maintain a safe and healthy working environment by fostering a culture of safety education and supervision, and safe working methods.


Environmental Policy

We apply sound environmental management practices in all our activities and at all levels of the organisation.

We welcome all service queries and will attend to your request within two working days.



Our highly trained technicians will resurface your bathroom fixtures on site within a matter of hours, leaving them as good as new, with a tough, durable and stain-resistant finish.

With no breaking out of the bath, no damage to tiles and no need for expensive new plumbing, you save up to 75% and your “new” bathroom suite will be ready to use within 24 hours. Available in a range of colours, the coatings adhere to anything from original cast iron, pressed steel and marble to modern ceramics and acrylics.



Optional extras during the resurfacing process include innovations such as Perma-Trim and Slip-resist.

Perma-Trim permanently seals the gap between the edge of the bath and wall tiles to provide an attractive alternative to fixing damaged grouting or mildewed and dirty silicone. Our Slip-Resist application creates a slip-resistant pattern on the base of the bath and is used by leading hotel groups and hospitals to enhance user safety.

  • Dave Stevenson, Chief Engineer

    They always produce high quality work and remain flexible in their working times to the benefit of the hotel.

    Mend A Bath specialize in repairing and re-enamelling baths, basins, toilets etc. with all repairs carrying a five year guarantee. I have been using this company in the four years I have been at Hilton Sandton and will continue to do so. I can wholly recommend Mend A Bath to any interested party.

    Dave Stevenson, Chief Engineer
    Hilton Johannesburg
  • Julien Reynaud, Director of Operations

    They have provided a great service on an internationlly acceptable standards and have consistently provided and delivered excellent quality services.

    We are entirely satisfied with the high standard finish and after completion services to honour the guarantee.

    Julien Reynaud, Director of Operations
    Hilton Addis Ababa
  • AsAi thAmbi, Chief Engineer

    The work quality is found to be superior and highly impressive. I do not hesitate to recommend this bath resurfacing project to any hotels as an alternative solution.

    We are satisfied with the product of Mend A Bath International and its applicaion. This work enabled us to improve the condition and cleanliness of the baths in our hotel up to the desirable level in our Quality Assurance requirement which paved higher score in the audits. It is a cost-effective solution to extend the life of the baths for additional 3 to 5 years prior to replacement.

    AsAi thAmbi, Chief Engineer
    Hilton Salalah Resort



What is the difference between resurfacing, refinishing, re-enamelling, reglazing and repainting your bath?

These words are often used interchangeably for the process of recoating your bath. Resurfacing and refinishing are both correct terms for Mend A Bath International’s process – your preference will depend on your country of origin. Re-enamelling and reglazing traditionally refer to processes that require the bath to be baked at high temperatures – a costly and often impractical solution.

Why resurface a bath and not just replace it?

Three main advantages are saving money, reducing intrusion time by workmen and adding value to your property. Mend A Bath International can save you up to 75% of the cost of replacing a bath, taking into account the hidden expense of retiling, replumbing and reflooring. Even breaking a single tile can have consequences if a matching one cannot be found. Resurfacing is a quick, ‘no mess, no fuss’ project when handled by our skilled technicians. It takes about three hours and you can start enjoying your resurfaced bath after 24 hours. Compare that to the disruption of having workmen in and out of your home for two weeks as they complete replumbing and retiling. If you have a quality cast iron enamel bath, resurfacing will restore it to its original glory and leave a brilliant, smooth finish. It adds enormous aesthetic appeal to your bathroom and can be an attractive feature when selling your home.

Can I have my whole bathroom resurfaced or just my bath?

Yes, you can resurface your whole bathroom. The material is formulated for application on baths, basins, toilet pedestals and tiles – and in the colour of your choice.

Can I change my bathroom suite from colour to white and vice versa?

Yes. Many people choose to have their old coloured baths resurfaced in a brilliant white, modern finish. With Mend A Bath International’s coating available in a range of colours, you can also resurface your bath to match your décor.

How long will my newly resurfaced bath last?

Every bath is subjected to different conditions, so there is no definitive answer. However, if well cared for, there is no reason a resurfaced bath will not look good after 10 years. If you treat the bath the way you would treat the bodywork of your car, it will remain in excellent condition. Mend A Bath International’s resurfacing work carries a five-year written guarantee.

Is there anything I can do about reducing the slipperiness of my bath?

We can apply our special Slip-Resist textured pattern to the base of your bath during the resurfacing process. Providing a slip-resistant surface is an optional service, but is essential for hotel and hospital environments.

What do I do about the ugly gap between the bath and the tiles?

We fill the gap between the bath and tiles with our innovative Perma-Trim product and cover this with our bath coating. Perma-Trim is a smarter, permanent alternative to unsightly grouting or mildewed and dirty silicone. This is an optional extra step during the resurfacing process and can be colour matched.

How do I know whether it is time to resurface my bath?

Your bath needs to be resurfaced when the enamel coat has worn thin and you can feel pitting – a series of very small holes – or roughness. In some cases, you can actually see the cast iron or pressed steel base through the enamel coat. If the bath has lost its shine, or you can see metal or dark areas on the surface, we highly recommend you opt for a full resurfacing.